Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hello World from Budle Bay Croft!

Well, finally did it - after much arm bending, I have started a blog. I have absolutely no idea whether there is anyone in the world who would be even remotely interested in what I am going to blog about, but hey, you just never know!  

So, this is me, Allison - AKA Farm'stress and General Dog's Body of Budle Bay Croft (BBC). The two people in the back were forced into climbing aboard and smiling for the camera - holiday makers at BBC, and bribed with cake and sweeties in the "Ve have Vays of Making you Smile" type of plea. Not sure if they could sit down for a week afterwards because I forgot to put the straw cushions down...

So who is Farm'stress Allison? Well, naturally (dyed) blonde hair, not yet 50 years old (though goodness knows I often feel more than that), mother of 2 under 12's (see previous), wife to "grumpy pants", sorry, darling hubby, for last 27 years (yip, still see previous) and stumbled into being a bumbling small holder on the breathtaking Northumberland Coast. 

How did I get here?  Goodness knows - one of those mad ideas 9 years ago after too much wine one Friday night. You know the type of thing - "What are we going to do with our lives? We are not getting any younger you know! Fancy moving to the country and raising chicks" sort of discussion. I took that to mean the fluffy chirpy type (and hubby never corrected me otherwise), so when we woke up on Saturday to the Newcastle Journal Homemaker (came from the bright lights you know) and fell in love with the wreck that is now Budle Bay Croft, it seemed to be a sign.

And what about Budle Bay Croft? Well, its rather sweet as small holdings go. Little river flowing with wild ducks, swans, herons, otters, king fishers and sea trout amongst others. Small woodlands filled with hidden deer, badgers, foxes and buzzards. Wee paddocks grazed by often rescued animals -  currently 22 sheep, a Shetland pony who eats too much, 4 pigs, 10 ducks, 13 chickens, 2 dogs and a cat. We have a couple of veggie plots too, but seem to be better at growing slugs and greenfly than anything else.  Budle Bay Croft is one of those places where everything has a name - even down to the lambing shed.

Well, novice I am at this malarky, and many rules I have probably broken on this first ever blog, but I do seem to recall an expert once telling me to keep things short and sweet.  So, for now, if you are still (amazingly) reading this, thanks for your time!  Let me know the sorts of things you want to hear about and over coming updates, I will share more about life down on Budle Bay Croft.  

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  1. You've certainly picked a wonderful part of the country to settle down in. I look forward to hearing about your future adventures.